Message from an old man from the spiritual world I


You are loved by everyone in your spiritual world, you aren’t much aware from this, although your religion is slightly more wrongfully organized. You do know also myself as our human of the world, but you aren’t ever able to do to me anything with your flatterings. Because you are very loved in the spiritual world, I can imagine you to think you deserve this love without acts.

Because you aren’t more smiling, you know yourselves that your caring for each other isn’t very showing. You do know me as well while I’m speaking in your spiritual world. Because nowhere there isn’t done much functions to help beggars either, you stay behind from your men of the church, because they have also plans for them. Still you aren’t in anyway differently than you have been earlier, you’ll gain only new tools for your sprawling, from which the men of church like, because they as well love the wrongfulness of everyone so they are themselves also slightly misleading, if humans don’t think just with their own brains.

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