Message from a cursed entity I


You are good for beggars as well in the frolicking of Heaven, but during this age of the world you cannot accomplish your good features very well. All the greater measures as well are very large scale for all entities. You aren’t aware of me either in accordance with your Wheel of time, but you assume me being only to make your matters more difficult, which have been already for a longer period of time very difficultly functioning, which brings problems into the humans’ ignorance. From nowhere you do not find anyone, so that you could accomplish the systems of the Creator also. You are very difficult to understand in modern times, you do not understand from the writings of the Creator either, but you imagine that you will get along also without their help. Although you are almost in the last phase of the age, after which all will change to different also technologically. You do not understand almost at all true thoughts, but you accomplish only forced functions that you have gained into your thoughts. Nowhere there is not more peculiar measure for me, so that I could study the world’s activity, because I am a so advanced as an entity, that all leave behind from my thinking.

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