Listenings of the forest VI

Q: What can one hear from the spiritual world here?
A: From here one hears peculiar sounds, I shall got to take a look.
Q: Are you a spirit living here?
A: Would I be, but anyhow I’m such a spirit, that you won’t even believe.
Q: Where do you originate from?
A: I’m a spirit originating from a very wrongful life that is also hated by the occultists.
Q: Do you so originate from the history of this area?
A: Into the history of this area, there belongs also more sacred activity.
Q: What do you mean with this “more sacred” activity?
A: You are a very wrongful questioner, I don’t want to answer into these questions, while them being slightly more concealed matters.
Q: What do you do here daily?
A: I’m a very wrongful spirit of ancient graves, I don’t do here almost anything, but I act in the spiritual world as a guardian of this location.
Q: Why are you guarding here?
A: I am a spirit of ancient graves, so that humans as well had knowledge from ancient matters.
Q: Whose graves are you guarding here?
A: I don’t understand the wrongfulness of your question.
Q: Can you tell who are buried here?
A: We are slightly more wrongful guardians of grave, than that we’d tell about the history of the guarded graves.
Q: What can you tell about, what reason is there for you to do your work?
A: You didn’t really understand, I’m a guard not an information office.
Q: Although you speak to me, why?
A: Also wrongful entities speak to me, I only protect this peace of the tomb from all nastiness as well.
Q: What would you name yourself as?
A: As a wrongful protector of graves.
Q: Can you still converse?
A: You won’t gain more information from what I heard.

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