Listenings of the forest VIII

Q: Who are there here in the forest in the spiritual world?
A: Here moves very devilishly grouches.
Q: How are these grouches like?
A: They are such grouches in human form, who visit here in your forest.
Q: Who are you, who answers here?
A: I’m a small elf maiden, exactly so.
Q: From where do you originate as a spirit entity?
A: I’m slightly originating from earlier ages.
Q: For how long have you been here?
A: For very long ages. It is good to be here, although everything was so more comfortable than was even imagined.
Q: What are you here for?
A: I do slightly greater more meaningful teasing of the occultists and at times I do something very horrible and beautiful as well.
Q: Are you aware of druids from earlier times?
A: I originate precisely from those. The occultists as well were frightening to me also to a lesser extent.
Q: What did you do as a druid?
A: By saying more shamefully, I’ve been very wrongful as small girl as well. Into my upbringing belonged to be very wrongful to the occultists as well.
Q: Would you tell some about druidism?
A: All druids were our cult, so all knew each other as well. One belonged to do sacrificial ceremonies for druids, when they had to do in all ways injustice to themselves as well. The druids belonged to accomplish the nature’s system’s healing influence for our humans. Then all was differently, when we’ve done druid agreements with the spiritual world as well.

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