Listenings of the forest V

Q: How is the spiritual world here?
A: Here is heard good matters. You are much under observations.
Q: Who are observing me?
A: Gnomes, whom you just heard quite nearby.
Q: What could you tell about gnomes?
A: They are such dangerous imaginations of the humans of the spiritual world, from that what is living in the forest.
Q: Does one have to fear them?
A: They are precisely feared in our forests.
Q: But can they do something to the humans being in a forest?
A: Truly, they can also kill us, if the human is too humanlike, and not natural. It takes place afterwards.
Q: What spirits are found here?
A: All kinds of shapes of darkness, who can wake up your attention like you just noticed.
Q: What are the shapes of darkness?
A: They are gained with the help from occultists as well, when you have understood from the spiritual world of a forest slightly more meaningful matters. Here takes place healing of the spiritual world in all ways.
Q: What should I know of the spirits of the forest?
A: You should find their meaning to yourself, that you could act more naturally, and not kill in vain spirit entities without justification. From killing is told in the forest more than elsewhere in nature, because in a forest there is so much death and of course also life.

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