Listenings of the forest IV

Q: What is found here from the spiritual world?
A: From here are found lots of occultists, the occultists kill all the spiritual world.
Q: How does this happen?
A: The occultists have power in relation to the humans of the spiritual world, into animals it doesn’t effect but physically.
Q: How do the occultists influence in relation to the humans in this way?
A: They only walk in our forests with very negative thoughts towards the spiritual world.
Q: Do they realize the spiritual world while doing this?
A: The occultists have so many side persons, that they aren’t able to realize this spiritual world in our forests. At times on the other hand the spiritual world approaches the occultists, when they understand from the reality of the spiritual world at least some. The men of church can’t do this, because nature doesn’t belong into the teachings of the church. Religions are otherwise as well slightly closer to humans, than what these kinds of entities of the forest are.
Q: What entities are there here in the forest?
A: Here there is all kinds of small remainings of humans from earlier times. Also in the knowledge of the occultists are all kinds of gnomes, that can be gained contact by channeling.
Q: What do these gnomes do in here?
A: They do maintenance of the world, they so build constructions of the spiritual world on the level of engineers, so that humans would have something to wonder while traveling in the forest.
Q: How are these constructions like?
A: They are constructions forming from spirits, with the help from which humans accomplish the organizing of the spiritual world. Such constructions function very wrongfully in relation to the spiritual world, because humans have so little understanding from their spiritual functions.
Q: In the spiritual world there are so gnomes, are there others than these?
A: The spiritual world compares slightly worse matters suitable for the understanding of humans, because your life is more simple, than how it is in the spiritual world.
Q: Is shamanism real?
A: Shamanism has many good sides as a religion, because shamanism is as a religion the most influential towards nature. With shamanism one has done lots of injustice to nature as well, but it is also done to accomplish the advancement of nature.
Q: What should one know of shamanism?
A: That it is more acceptable than you can even imagine, because in it one increases the spiritual knowledge in relation to nature, and not, like in many religions, only the matters of religion connecting humans to each other.
Q: Should one familiarize with shamanism?
A: Truly it brings slightly more spiritual functions while traveling in nature, because nature as well values more those who understand from it, more than only about humans or from constructions or for example those understanding from science.
Q: What can you still tell about the matters of the spiritual world in here?
A: We can tell here to exist lots of activity of the spiritual world. From there was just heard of rustling, which is often activity of gnomes as well. Gnomes are seeming to be very active over there. These kinds of spirit entities are so found more of there as well.
Q: Was the rustling I heard activity of the gnomes?
A: It is very often as well, they gain the ones alone in nature to wake up, that they aren’t alone, which would be more surely impossible.

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