Listenings of the forest III

Q: What can be heard from the spiritual world here?
A: Here there is slightly more true activity.
Q: Who are here nearby?
A: I understood you to talk about the spiritual world. The spiritual world is very different than at your home. Here one cursed in everything all the wrongful unnatural thinking.
Q: Are there so nature’s spirits here?
A: All spirits are nature’s spirits, because all is very fundamentally uniform.
Q: How much do nature’s spirits have to do here in the forest?
A: Very much, because all was to be cured with nature’s spirits, so that no one would act against nature. Nature is filled with healing spirits, but very murderous spirit entities, because into the nature belongs also the closeness of death.
Q: How could I know more of the spirits here?
A: All spirits had to know how to talk about the spiritual world to the entities living in the world, when only by questioning you can guide the learning of your consciousness with the help of the spiritual world.
Q: Who are you who is answering?
A: I’m, while speaking of the story of the nature’s spirits, a very skilled spirit of an occultist. These kinds of spirits have remained from modern times, to tell in an occult way computer information to the humans of the world in modern times in a suitable way. All the occultists had to know how to channel the knowledge of the spiritual world, so that world’s humans had more of knowledge from the spiritual world, than what one knows in general.
Q: What other spirits are there here?
A: Here there are slightly more peculiar entities of the spiritual world.
Q: Could you tell what kind of are these spirits?
A: They are spirit entities who are much hating difference, which have lots of hatefulness, but also love is found here.
Q: From where do these spirits originate?
A: They originate from very long time period, because here are still spirits from the beginning times of the world.
Q: What do these spirits do here still?
A: On a very high level, they are in very great proportion the most important entities, that are found from this forest.
Q: Can you tell me a story from the events of this forest?
A: I can tell you stories as well. I’ll tell one now: “A long time ago in very great scale on this are there were dinosaurs, who during a very long period of time had to go to southern areas, because the coldness was a bad problem also during that time. In the cramps of coldness, they understood to go on a relocation journey in the manner of today’s birds. All changes into this tale are are on a high level not changeable without punishments.”
Q: Was that the story?
A: Yes it was, the occultists as well are told only about dinosaurs in general, because it is the safest tale of the spiritual world.

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