Listenings of the forest II

Q: What kind of things are found here?
A: There are no things to be found here, only Ilus are here.
Q: What entities of earlier times are there here?
A: One doesn’t find here anything else than illuminati.
Q: Would you tell something although?
A: Child locks also function here, so I’ll tell you a story, once you have done all the required justification.
Q: I think that I have already done all that is required to gain information?
A: This compares slightly right kind of activity, if I would tell about the suffering of the Illuminati, I’d think you to get bored.
Q: Well then, so what is there on this area in the spiritual world?
Q: What could you tell about the spiritual world of this area?
A: High level knowledge. Our knowledge compares high level information.
Q: So tell some about what you could tell?
A: You have over there precisely slightly problematic.
Q: How would you be able to tell some about this area?
A: Somehow like that the occultists as well would do this gladly, if it wouldn’t be so difficult.
Q: What is there to be found from the spiritual world here?
A: Here are found slightly teeming entities of the spiritual world, they have teeming functions, because here visits so many humans of the world and animals as well as dogs.
Q: What has there been here in earlier times?
A: Here was sometime earlier lots of ice of the ice age.
Q: What was there before the last ice age?
A: We were slightly wrongful to humans with the inhabitants of this area.
Q: Where did this injustice due from?
A: The injustice did due from, that we are weaker without the effect of injustice. Weaker we were, if we couldn’t act in all possible ways.
Q: What kind of humans lived here then?
A: All kinds of, like you noticed, was the earlier age before the ice age very much alike the Tolkien’s Lord of the rings. In this area one lived slightly in such societies, somehow like that.
Q: What did these people do here at that time?
A: Before the ice age we acted slightly in a more cursed way, because we were very wrongful to our humans, because they had so much possibilities to act more truly as well, but they didn’t want to be in accordance with the outside world, but they wanted to curse souls with their activity, so one had to get rid of them with the instigator of the ice age.
Q: What did cause this ice age?
A: It was caused by slightly more wrongful entities, whom had such activity, that you can’t even believe it.
Q: Where did these entities originate from?
A: They acted slightly more wrongfully, when we can’t tell about this matter much.
Q: Were they humans?
A: With the Creator’s information they became slightly miserable humans after it.
Q: What did happen to them?
A: They knew how to act in all ways, when one knew very little about them at that time on planet Earth.
Q: Were they from planet Earth?
A: This kind of information one shouldn’t even ask, because it is slightly frightening matter also in modern times.
Q: Can’t you so tell about these entities?
A: Not truly, because you are so open to madnesses, which from this information would ensue.
Q: Does anyone on planet Earth know about these entities?
A: Not presumably, because they as well want to suppress all information about themselves, succeeding in this quite well.
Q: Is there something else here, from which you could tell?
A: Here there are very peculiar spirits of entities, who have slightly injustice with them. Their activity compares the activity of Kullervo. These kinds of entities have very great meanings towards you nation. All the meanings are such, with the help from which you can write about your ancient history, the time after the ice age.
Q: Do you have something else to tell?
A: Yes of course, but not this time, while you are already seeming slightly more tired.

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