Q: Who are there in this forest?
A: Here are found spirits of the forest, but close to you is one murderous male spirit, who has male’s listenings. That spirit has caused fear into all humans here.
Q: What connects to the man?
A: Something minor, he is very aggressive. Somewhere there is for him manly doings, I speak of you now to others.
Q: What does the man’s spirit do here in the forest?
A: He points to you with very high level magic, when you don’t observe the meaning of that spirit, but it goes directly to the outsiders to tell, what you’ve accomplished, so to complain, that you are disturbing his peace. In the forest one should believe into all entities, which function on the level of spirits. Then the forest is a very frightening place, because there is a so peculiar place, where one can experience own peace outside. This desire for peace again disturbs the spirits of the forest, who have lots of desires to gain the ones entering their forest to fear the traveling in the forest. It is so impossible to be at peace while traveling in the forest, because the spirits of the forest want continually to frighten the human mites traveling in the forest.
Q: Are there other spirits here?
A: There are all kinds of spirit. I don’t know what to answer into this due to the amount of spirits. Also dimensions are connected to these functions of forest, when for the one traveling in a forest there may pass by all kinds of gnomes as well.
Q: Could you tell an example from these spirits?
A: Nature’s spirits move there continually. They don’t usually notice humans, but they can do tricks when noticing them. You as well would fear some spirit entities moving nearby, who have slightly elven like clothing. In the forest one should respect the spiritual world, because there spirits have the best environment to execute their matters.
Q: Could you tell more from these elven like spirit entities?
A: Watch out for what you’ve done to elves in earlier times, because elves are very vindictive, so you might receive monsterings from these elves, who can kill you also with magic, if they succeed in their plans.
Q: Would you tell from where these elven spirits are from?
A: From Gondolin, because they are high level spirits of this area, who have very great influencing possibilities on this area. They know how in earlier times we’ve acted, also someone they recognize as an elf from earlier times, when they’ve just concluded one to be an orc killer as well. Elves have slightly peculiar accomplishments from earlier times.
Q: What should one know of this Gondolin?
A: The area was Gondolin’s area from earlier times. We’ve made Gondolin the finest elven place of residence here in the north, because we’ve made during the times of Gondolin the Creator’s deals with the help from the elves of Gondolin. All such deals are very tolerable in the opinion of some humans, because others understand the meaning of the Creator’s deals also as elves.
Q: What other spirits are found here?
A: Here is found all kinds of more peculiar activity, because the occultists as well are here with in the research. All occultists as well know about our activity in relation to the spirits of nature. Our occultists have very vast knowledge about this world with the information of the spiritual world. This dues from many matters, which have been achieved with lives of modern times.

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