Published on 9.3.2016

Melkorin had Saunron with in his activity. Everyone was more in dealings with Saunron than with Melokorin. Melkorin was slightly more foolish than Saunron was, due to that Saunron’s intelligence was higher. The occultic functions of all the entities of Saunron were more advanced than the comparable functions of Melkorin.

All the doubts of Melkorin were very great from their proportions. All the occultic functions of Melkorin did their evil work during the first age. The occultic functions were so fragmented, that no one could do their bad work as eased, but one had to use time and effort, into which Melkorin was used to.

Melkorin had occult meaningfully lots of activity also with the help of the Creator. Melkorin was a very wrongful entity, by whom everything went very well. The all covering activity of Melkorin did impress also the Creator. Everywhere there was wrongful activity, which Melkorin did a lot. The activity of Melkorin was for everyone both for the occult meaningful and for common people very large scale. Activity was wrongful, because everywhere was very awkward activity due to madnesses, which the elves and humans did while living in that world order 30 000 years ago.

Everyone had all covering activity like Melkorin, where no one could act alone almost at all, but into everything one needed help, because the influence of one during that time was very rarely happening. Everywhere one did so by the helpers lots of injustice. No one could write writings like one imagined as well but otherwise. Literacy was also for the elves very high level, but from this there hasn’t remained writings, due to the spiritual world destroyed all activity even referring to it.

All the functions of Melkorin compared the functions of a perfect evildoer, because Melkorin was a very wrongful spirit already originally. Then there were very many occultists, who had knowledge of the spiritual world. They had great sized brains in the manner of the Neanderthal humans, with the help from which they could do very great injustice, without that the spiritual world would suppress their functions. They were called as trolls, but they were more intelligent than humans truly.

All the occultists did lots of injustice, when no one could do matters in accordance with the occultists without that also to them would come problems from the spiritual world. In modern times one can do matters in accordance with the occultists, because in modern times the occultists can’t do so much injustice, while it being bordered. While functioning in accordance with the occultists all injustices are accepted by the spiritual world better than by randomly doing injustice.

The activity of Melkorin and Saunron together was so horrific fooling around, that even less could have sufficed to gain the same effect, where one didn’t dare to oppose the activity of these two, it being more horrific than was even imagined. All entities were descendants of Saunron in the spiritual world, because Saunron was the Creator. All the Creator’s magics functioned while Saunron was within the activity, when Saunron could bewitch things much better than even Melkorin. Such was slightly occultic activity.

The activity of Melkorin and Saunron had a lot of meaning, when the activity of Melkorin compares matters taken place during all the ages of the world. All the things of Melkorin were such, that he didn’t achieve the level of Saunron.

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