Date 31.7.2014

Building of Heaven started when one needed a place, where all things are well. In our Heaven, there is so all well. Entities of our Heaven are wiser than any entity of the world is able to. Everywhere in our Heaven one did lots of injustice to entities less as was also imagined. All our entities are so very wrongful to a lesser extent while being in Heaven. Injustice is although blossoming also in Heaven. Our entities of Heaven are terribly wrongful also like it’s in other areas as well. Heaven so curses on the level of occultists without that less wise entities notice such a curse.

Into our Heaven, one gets also as a very wrongful entity, because in our Heaven, there is more injustice than what one imagined wrongfully in our religions. Heaven is so a lot similar also with other areas like, for example, with the world. All our entities did their wrongful work already in earlier times, because all entities are very wrongful.

Heaven is open for everyone always when needed, when in the access into Heaven, there aren’t any special reasons, but always in a suitable situation, anyone can gain entry into Heaven. No one in our Heaven is completely competent, because Heaven curses the mind into quibbling, when an entity doesn’t have true knowledge, but eased imaginings from his abilities. Although all entities are gaining lots of benefits while being in Heaven, because no one is harmful to those in Heaven to a greater extent.

Heaven has been built heart fully already before the universe where we live. The building of Heaven has taken place very naturally, when its constructing doesn’t differ from the constructing of other dimensions either. The dimensions become built always when necessary, and nothing is needed to be built with one’s own strength, but the spiritual world can build any kinds of areas ever. Heaven in itself is although a more permanent phenomenon than the changing dimensions, so Heaven has always existed like the matter is in relation to some dimensions as well.

The dimensions function in a very far reaching way so, that everywhere it is good to be for the most, otherwise the Creator’s systems would function badly. The well off should repair the matters of the underprivileged, when the underprivileged would learn better from their well off. Heaven as well is such a place of the well off, from which one should spread information, so that the underprivileged could make their abilities and knowledge better also with the help of Heaven.

All the most underprivileged are in the area of Hell, because there can be anyone. Everyone in Hell isn’t although more underprivileged than, for example, the ones in Heaven, but Hell is wider than Heaven, where one can live completely good life as well. Heaven only is like a more intelligent environment as more validated than Hell, but one can be intelligent also in Hell and in it, there isn’t anything odder or unholy.

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