Date 5.7.2014

In our outer space, there very wrongful activity as war activity, which has been exercised also on planet Earth in earlier times. Valar entities are the greatest from their meaning from the groups of outer space in relation to planet Earth. The valars of outer space act together with other groups, when they have armed forces together more than other meaningful groups also on our galaxy.

The activity of our outer space compares the home planet of the valar from its functions, which has in the Creator’s system the greatest meaning of all. The activity of all our entities compares the valars in very great proportion; this is due to the magic of the valars. The magic of the valars is very far reaching. The valars have a long distance to planet Earth, but still it is closer than was even imagined. Valars have come here from another planet, although, when the valars of planet Earth have always holier stories than what the inhabitants of planet Earth usually have.

The valars have slightly problems with their own injustice, because they have a lot of wrongful activity also in our outer space. Valars act like human entities, only as worse than the entities of modern times on planet Earth. In our outer space one acted the most wrongfully by the valars. All valars implemented their injustice to the greys and reptilians. All entities should be good to other entities, when the valars shouldn’t have killed the greys and reptilians in as vast proportions as what took place already a couple of years ago, still the valars kill reptilians, from wherever they only find them.

Valars have batmen as their allies, whose magic of outer space is comfort increasing; they are although very similar with the valars. This kind of information is more wrongful than we can evem imagine, because here is told about the occultic killing of the valars, which are excersised in our outer space in a very wrongful way.

The works of injustice done in the outer space by the valar are completely invisibile on planet Earth, but it doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t influence also into the situation of planet Earth. We know how to make everyone very wrongful in relation to planet Earth, in this way that no one is allowed to talk about valars wrongfully except when one wills so, once one has become aware of that the valars to be more wrongful entities, which there are also on this planet.

The activity of the valars is so very wrongful, because they have plenty of armed forces, which they use quite a lot in relation to all the species. We are slightly wrongful to all the species in the spiritual world, because everything has been so wrongful what the different species have done in earlier times. No one can do any accultic activity in relation to the valars, because the valars punish everyone except the ones who are hating them orthodoxly. The wrongful hostility becomes punished by the valars.

The valars are wrongfully bad, because they don’t do anything more orthodoxly than what one can do on planet Earth at best. The injustices of the valars are, when compared to the batmen as well, worse and much more wrongful. Alson when compared to the valars of planet Earth, the humans of planet Earth are much better while cherishing their humanity.

The valars did much injustice to the reptilians and greys for a reason, that they couldn’t last their wrongful activity. Due to this the valars were permitted, with the batmen, to punish all the wrongdoers, when they gained permissions from the spiritual world to start warfare in modern times. Warfare in the outer space is very wrongful, when in the wars of planet Earth one is still more wrongful to a lesser extent when compared to the warfare of the outer space.

The warfare of the outer space compares all the imagined wrongdoing, which one can think of taking place in the outer space. In our outer space, one made slaves as well today, so no one in our outer space is better within life than what one is on planet Earth at best. All events are worse as was imagined as well.

Everywhere in our outer space there is monstrous behavior by the valars, because nowhere there shouldn’t, in their opinion, exist greys or reptilians. This is very wrongful activity, when the functions of the valars are including a lot of injustice. No one shouldn’t be allowed to exercise such demand, that greys and reptilians should be removed, but many implement this demand, and so a very wrongful sacrificial system has been created.

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