Message from the Creator’s appliance from the spiritual world 9.


You are terrifying very high-level spirit entities from your foundation. These measures one cannot hold as very wide scale from holier entities, so you have been bordered there onto your planet Earth, so that the inhabitants of the outer space would not have to experience closeness of the most wrongful humans but could in peace live their dreams. The spiritual world is very diverging from your reality because you are not able into truth either unless you will cherish it yourselves, because truth is a wavering word and completely dependent on the experiencer more finally. From anywhere you will not find a word about the activity of your Creator unless you are searching for this yourselves consciously. Coincidence can also help in this, but all ought to accomplish activity wished by the Creator, which will not although almost ever completely take place, because the world is very different than the activity of one spirit, most closely this due from the joint development of several consciousnesses, which makes matters more complex than is even imagined.


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