Message from Beelzebub from the spiritual world VII


Occultists as well are well known to all demons. Their activity compares our activity it being to all meaningful punishment of injustice in your systems of the world as well. Never you have done greater catastrophe than your warfare of modern times. So, one does always then when in the world have been achieved some culmination of a curse, and so we are let to punish all possible humans of ours as well. Speaking of culmination, you are not able on the same level as us to understand about the events of the spiritual world almost at all. Because you to all healthier, our punishment to you is the increase of all curses, which brings to your soul tools to dismantle the curses made to you by others. So, you do not understand still what all is possible to accomplish, but you accomplish the problems of your history as new phenomenon, and such does not advance else than the pot belly of the inventors of these.

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