Nowhere there isn’t so great meaning than for our humans living here in our world. You are very meaningful in that matter of yours, so injustice as well is blooming to cause problems to the most meaningful humans of ours. From everywhere came very wrongful activity, which caused more catastrophes than usually have been experienced, in your future. All the activity of humans is very meaningful, so all had to be received as very meaningful in this area. All the humans as well were very great from their meaning, where one didn’t do mistakes by the spiritual world ever even.

No one knows from where all has begun originally, but it is known that history known by the Creator is longer than the complete universe world of ours. So we gained knowledge from earlier universe worlds, although they are still most probably existing, without knowing about it although, because this is more difficult than was even imagined. We can’t so be in contact to other creators in their universe worlds, because this is impossible also for the spiritual world.


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