You are slightly more wrongful on this day than you were in the Middle Ages, although this feels to be an impossible thought, one has in the Middle Ages accomplished less injustice towards nature than on this day. Your injustice accomplished towards nature is very far reaching from its effects. You aren’t able to do any activity saving nature, before from your outer space one comes to make an ending for this civilization. This ending is very far reaching as well, but it doesn’t mean that all will end, but only your injustice and the direction of the civilization will become changed into more wrongful towards yourselves.

Your civilization is in very great proportions going towards its ending, because from your outer space one has done here travels with all kinds of in mind for helping you to continue your development as slightly more balanced towards your environment. All environments are for the entities of outer space in very great meaning, because they have knowledge from this kind of problem as the destruction of environment, where there won’t come anymore good ages, if the environment has been destroyed due to the activity of humans as well. This kind of knowledge is very meaningful, because during the travel in development there are often such information, that we live only once and the environment is only for humans, where in both there is a possibility for misunderstanding.


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