You do not accomplish greater matters than all covering injustice on the level of nations as well. All illusional thinking of yours’s is very risky, because while humans are believing into these you might succeed in very great injustices of yours as well, without that anyone understands what is taking place in reality. Only more occultic humans understand the hitches of modern times, in which is concerned a so great manipulation, that we wonder, that humans can wilt so much from their normal thinking. You suppress emotions and thoughts in all ways, from which dues very great problems coming for humans. Due to this the future of humans does not look like much including the best thinking, but you will listen to each other’s dusty talks in the future as well, because own emotions are repairable by humans themselves to a lesser extent, but one needs the permission of the spiritual world for this, that mind’s functions would produce better experience than the papery emotions of modern times of yours.  


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