You are very wrongful everywhere while doing also work accepted by the Creator, which doesn’t come true very well while you are doing this work, which is against the Creator. Nowhere in your universe either one does work with so good terms as on planet Earth is as a custom, except on more developed non working planets with high technology, where robots do works. Using of slaves is on the other hand very common as well. So you can know in your future when bumping into such societies on a different level, what everywhere is possibly being done on the level of your planet.

You can’t do more for your benefit on these days. You are too wrongful still, when you aren’t able to achieve anything more peculiar, while being very affected by your victim emotions. Victim emotions are very wrongful matters, with the help from which one can’t create almost anything useful, but one only lives as cursed as emotional, from which dues very much wrongfulness into the surroundings.


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