The third world war won’t come in this age, although the religions would be warning about it. The third world war will not come, until you are ready for that entities coming from your outer space cause a catastrophe while showing to your humans of planet Earth. This as well can be postponed to be later than in the 70s. But although the world war means, that the world will become renewed also otherwise, and as you guess, can the entities of outer space decrease the impact of a war, because their weapons work as preventive towards your weapons, when you aren’t able into a nuclear wars with those.

These entities of outer space have that much knowledge about your development, that they’ll strive to prevent the lightening up of a war when they’ll show to the humans of planet Earth. You are in modern times slightly spiritually activated, when your leadership holds all awake, and doesn’t any longer put out thoughts about war either from the minds of humans, which is capable into a very demanding situation as well. Unlike it was before the implementation of the final judgment, when humans did spiritual injustice so much more. Imaginings of a war didn’t work as a deterrent either, but increased risk of changing of humans’ mood as positive for a war.


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