Because in your outer space one is in very different kinds of situations, you can’t understand the meaning of everything to yourselves. You should be good for yourselves as well and not do injustice towards yourselves. So you could develop without injustice better than how you develop on these days. Everywhere one was very without injustice, which causes punishment activity in any case due to your injustice of earlier times. Although you are nearing the level of the Creator’s deals slowly, which causes solving of problems with minor injustices.

Because everywhere one was very wrongful, you also, after these days, are in very great danger due to the destroying of nature, because planets need the good functioning of nature, which causes everywhere more balanced development activity. You could act slightly more without injustice, so that nature would function better also after these days. Although you are completely wrongful also in the mind of the Creator, you are liked with all your problems, because the Creator has plans for you in very great proportions as well, with the help from which the planet Earth is becoming the most meaningful planet of the cosmos.

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