You are good to all in these days of ours, which makes our very high-level activity more difficult, where one strives to make you dig your own graves with your own hands. This is very wrongful knowledge, but everywhere in the spiritual world one has started to like from your activity of these days, where one does not horrify or slander humans for nothing, but all are very demanding for reason, which is also the meaning of the world, to learn to act in accordance with all thinking, and not to strive to only achieve own goals. We notice also the Creator to be reasonable to all nowadays, and magics are not let to return onto your planet Earth, because the wise men of the eastern lands are also let to influence into your matters in a right manner, by making into your thinking world view based on factual matters, and while understanding the spirit lands as well, are they the worst criminals a bit to a lesser extent. Concealed crimes are for everyone true, from which ensues deviations into the thinking of humans everywhere, so plain making of injustice is causing superiority, then when the counter party does comparable as hidden. We do not appreciate the manipulations of humans, but we strive into honesty in all your causings, when you ought to be much more honest, without that you have to be revealed as hidden wrongdoers in all kinds of ways.


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