No one knows from us as well as the Creator. We are animal spirited humans, who have many kingdoms as enraged. We can’t do to this matter anything, as long as everywhere there is very wrongful militaristic activity as well. Because we are a bit more caring from beggars as well than the humans of modern times are. Such is our life on this day, that we multiply also into the consciousness of humans. No one has received information about us in earlier times either, before all robot like thoughts have vanished from humans, because the nature’s spirits are opposing robot likeness.

So that you would not gain so good roboticalnesses either, in which one doesn’t care from other spirit entities. We do robot likeness our enemy in later times as well, when we oppose everything that includes unnatural activity. I speak about the illuminati to you now, which is very influential on this planet as well. From Illuminati there one gets to talk usually about public persons, but the real Illuminati functions like our police, by doing much more secretive activity in the background and in the underworld as well.


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