Everywhere one was very meaningful, because also the Creator is within our activity. Without the activity of the Creator, you’d not be nearly as far in your development. That is why the Creator is good for our humans as well, so that all would advance better than was even imagined. This is slightly wrongful information about the Creator’s magics, where one was very wrongful. Also in modern times there was lots of mad features in all humans, from which dues that all are verily without injustice towards other humans. Although the animal kingdom thanks the Creator as well, because the Creator is very wrongful also in the opinion of the occultists.

You have observed here to be slightly more shocking activity, which the Creator allows, but for some reason would like not to take place. This is a lot due to an outside system functioning very much via darkness, so a system outside the universe world, which is older than even the Creator. This longer developed system has very much destruction activity behind it, because it destroys everything, which it notices to be finally useless. This is the origin of everything also in the Creator’s activity, that with the help of the outsiders one can do markable destruction work from that part, which wouldn’t ever be of use to the Creator either.


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