You re good for your humans at times, also a bit wrongful, which causes all covering activity to all more wrongful as well. Which causes again the final judgment of all humans, either to repair their matters or to become finally destroyed. These matters are also in the mind of Jesus as well, that the humans’ judgment to damnation is too wrongful for other humans, which again is a very good thought, that by generally speaking, humans should not go to damnation. These matters belong into the life cycle of a human, that mortals die also spiritually, and here one does not play without it influencing into the true situation of humans in some way always.

We are not any better for humans than for other creation either, because humans are as all covering wrongful, from which also naturally follows the nearing of judgment of damnation, if the human does not repair his own situation at certain intervals. Into this point Jesus has a possibility to influence by enlightening the consciousness of humans, that there are also better manners to act than by becoming completely wrongful. Into this there is not always information available, so Jesus’ activity compares the Creator’s activity, when Jesus has a plan accepted by the Creator to save the ignorant humans from damnation, because Jesus knows, that all knowledgeable either do not fear damnation, nor care about this and do as completely aware as well matters to end up into this, which is for all only a burden, but the Creator’s consciousness advances in this way, because all injustice is accepted by the spiritual world.


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