Published 17.7.2016
During this century there will be found very meaningful activity everywhere. This is due to that, all our humans are more intelligent than on this day in your future. We have very meaningful tasks for our humans in later times. All the tales of the future are slightly our concealed matters, but we can with a good mind tell, that your future is very wrongful due to the magic of the outer space. With a good mind means that the entities of outer space don’t ever do abductions from your planet Earth any longer in modern times, because the grays and reptilians are less in action in modern times than how it was some decades ago.

Everywhere there was very far taken technological activity and social order in our future. No one can do any such matters in modern times, which are done in your future. Into these belong robots and very developed flight equipment. Everywhere there was very wrongful activity, because everywhere there were such humans, to whom one couldn’t do more good matters, because for them there had come perfect activity from the part of the system.

In our future we are very wrongful everywhere on planet Earth and in the outer space as well. We will do changes into the systems of planet Earth, when no one is safe from us when we want so. This concerns all humans, who do injustice to our nature as well. All our entities acted very wrongfully in modern times, when later we have to increase punishments to our humans.

All the injustices of all the wrongful entities do bad activity to our humans in later times. We will come to do upheavals with the help from technologies, when no one has any more privacy, but all can be followed technologically. Everywhere one ended up to accept such a matter due to the safety of humans. Privacy is like an embarrassing thought, which one wouldn’t want to reveal to other humans, so that a human wouldn’t become embarrassed when truth becomes revealed. Such isn’t in our opinion a very good reason to preserve privacy, but from everyone one should know on the level of the spiritual world, which oversees also in this moment every human as precisely as we in the spiritual world can accomplish.

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