Date: 27.12.2013

The best goal for entities is to become a Creator. No one gains such knowledge easily from the systems of the world, but all the functions in the spiritual world are made in support of it, that anyone can become a Creator when one wants to. No one of our entities very easily understands this, but anyone can become an entity on the level of the Creator when one wants so. This goal is including very good activity, when learning this goal is never wrongful activity.

As an entity of the Creator also you can strive into this goal, because then you are fully learned from the meaning of the systems of the Creator. All the Creator’s entities have to act in accordance with the Creator, so that they could be on someday completely without problems. All the activity in accordance with the Creator can’t be under any circumstances harmful activity according to the Creator, so logically activity in accordance with the Creator is always useful activity. No one can’t of course be against oneself and at the same time be fully skilled as a human. We assume that the Creator is such a skilled entity, which doesn’t function against itself.

The activity of all the Creator’s entities compares the meaning of the Creator to be very wrongful towards everyone, when everyone learns from their injustice. Such injustice is although useful for entities themselves, because the injustice on the level of the Creator is meant as advancing injustice. The wrongful measures of all the Creator’s entities are very wrongful also harmfully, because the obstinacies of entities, in which one hasn’t thought about the will of the Creator, can harm both themselves and other entities.

The entities of the Creator function as guided by the Creator the best. So the entities of the Creator do much less injustice when guided by the Creator. Receiving such guidance, although can feel very dangerous for the entity itself, but although the guidance from the Creator is the most advancing for entities. The action of all the entities is very wrongful, but although injustice is caused by the spiritual world.

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