Truthfulness of religions II

Published 12.6.2016

In our religions there is a good meaning for life, so that humans wouldn’t do all the activity in accordance with their desires. Humans have very little meaningful activity, when they would do much injustice in vain, if one wouldn’t bring them better approach than what they themselves would be able to do. All our humans are more murderous than what has been even imagined in the naive times. Such thinking of humans is today common in a straining way, that they don’t understand their own desires, but imagine being on the level of Jesus from their thinking. Also this writing is in the opinion of many too wrongful, because in here it is claimed, that humans would have originally murderous desires, which doesn’t apparently hold good in the opinion of the more murderous. This would of course be disadvantageous, if the more murderous would become shown true as murderous narcissists, which many humans are also in our today.

In our outer space acts religiously a priest nation, which hasn’t got any other tasks but upholding and development of a religion, this compares slightly the church system of planet Earth, where acts always very devoted upholders of a religion. In the outer space again there is a lot of folk, which can do matters very profoundly. Also it is good for planet Earth also to learn from this priest nation, which has a great influence in our outer space.

All the religions of the outer space end to this day, if they wouldn’t be allowed to have wrongful activity with the help from religions. Such is slightly as an encumbrance for the humans of planet Earth, because the spiritual world holds the planet Earth as more wrongful for humans, than what the humans of outer space are capable of. All the religions of planet Earth don’t function for the entities of outer space, because they know the basic matters more precisely and as more ensured than what any religion of planet Earth can execute. For example the great persons of our religions compare completely ordinary humans while being in reality only slightly older and more capable, but not from their foundation anything more peculiar than a human. Many are on a higher level as an ordinary human than what they are also on planet Earth. The entities of outer space are in a very far reaching way much more meaningful than a single ordinary inhabitant of planet Earth is, on planet Earth there are only special humans, which have more abilities than what there are usually even in the outer space, when the planet Earth is this kind of special area for the most developed humans.

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