The truthfulness of religions

Published 2.6.2016

Religions are very necessary, so that we can teach humans everything about the activity of the spiritual world. In the spiritual world there is all kinds of activity and not only activity visible in the expressions of a religion.In the Book of Revelation also there is told about the spiritual world very meaningfully. Everywhere also the Creator was with in the giving birth of the religions, so that the religions would gain the all covering level of activity of the Creator. Our religions are not held in anyway as insulting to other religions, but humans have themselves invented, that others are wrong in their religion than the religion into which the person himself belongs to.

Our religions’ all covering level of activity isn’t for our religions harmful activity but virtuous activity. All the measures of our religions are very far reaching very wrongfully as well. Everywhere one did much injustice with our religions, because no one is in our religions completely without injustice including the Creator. Everywhere the all covering activity of our religions did good trace into mankind. In relation to everything our religions are very successful, while bringing humans that are everywhere, some kind of sample of activity, which is more in accordance with the spiritual world than what humans would be from their nature.

Because all our religions are functioning well, we can’t do from our religions more changed activity, because the religions should be in their original form, and they should not be taken further on the level of doctrines. All the measures of our religions in earlier times concern also Christianity. This kind of religion has the highest ability to change, because it is a religion taken further from an earlier far developed religion. So this kind of developments of religions are possible, but not although as very probable.

The next new religion will be based on science and into the religions of outer space. Such final religion will become accomplished not until later, because planet Earth is in a very far reaching way very wrongful towards the entities of outer space. So a religion will come to repair this hostility of the outer space, while it targets to this planet due to the ignorance of humans.

In our religions there is such a meaning, that no one can found a religion into untruthfulness, but in every religion of ours there is truth with. The all covering activity of our religions is such a matter, that everywhere there had to be activity in accordance with the religions.

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