The story of Judas Iscariot

The story of Judas Iskariot deviates from the lives of the Creator with its shortness. Usually the Creator lives a long life, but at times also in accordance with Judas Iscariot’s life a life meeting an untimely death. Judas Iscariot did so much injustice to Jesus of Nazareth, that no one could have imagined him being the greatest from his meaning from the betrayers of Jesus also in relation to others. Into the story of Judas Iscariot belongs to do very wrongful magics of the Creator to this sacred story about Jesus’ holiness also while being in the world.

Everywhere was very wrongful also during the life of Judas. The Romans destroyed the Jews in very meaningful matters. An ending had to be done to this also with the help from Jesus. But Jews killed also Jesus, without feeling sick, because their religion was very meaningful in relation to everything, while being the most exact portrayer of the spiritual world by that time for the humans on planet Earth. Such information is slightly wrongful about the ancient history of the Jews.

All the historical knowledge about Judas are slightly truthful. Judas presented himself as a rabbi to Jesus, because he had learned topics of a rabbi. As a rabbi Judas was very intelligent, and he didn’t become a pharisee, because he wasn’t interested in upholding a religion, and lying to other people.

The story of Judas Iscariot continues in this way, that he was very far reachingly with in the activity of the spiritual world, by channeling information, like the Creator often does. Such gathering of information is very demanding from brain functions, but the more developed individuals can gain knowledge from the spiritual world, like it would be a walking computer, from which one gains true information. Such information is often very different, but although very orthodox knowledge.

The story of Judas Iscariot ends to this, that he was the most functioning of the Apostles, but although very wrongfully functioning, also as Judas. Because Judas had matters on the level of the Creator, because he didn’t care to kill Jesus either, because Judas knew, that all had to end in the last minute in a very catastrophic way, so Judas was ahead of matters, unlike Jesus’ other Apostles.

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