Date: 15.2.2014

On the level of science, we are very developed in our systems of the Creator when compared with other planets. This is due to very skilled human groups, which there are many on planet Earth. Also the Creator belongs to these humans. The everywhere spreading injustice of all our entities has been achieved to be minimized on our planet slightly better than elsewhere. Although we are very unskilled in such matters, which the more developed than us have watched with our harmfulness in their minds.

We have destroyed, while developing this far as we are today, lots of things, which belong to nature. All our matters function so as harmful always to some of our matter, from which there is little information on planet Earth. We are so very destructive with our constructions and not always as advancing as some think. All these kinds of techno thoughts about the advancement of matters while they are built with humans’ hands function very badly for entities themselves.

Our entities have a good occult meaning, when no one should break this meaning while being bad towards nature. Our entities are so from their occult meaning completely good from the beginning. All our entities have to learn in the systems of the Creator new activity as a continuous function. All our entities have a good occult meaning, because they are accepted by the Creator in the beginning phase of their lives, but this breaks with the help from the own injustice of entities. Then the Creator accepts them only in the beginning phase of their lives. This is important, because children don’t do injustice, because they aren’t capable to such thinking. In adulthood, entities accomplish all kinds of wrongful, which is also injustice made from the part of science as well.

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