The situation of the final judgment on this day I


You are good for your humans after the final judgment, which has already taken place on this day. In the year 2009 the final judgment was put in action, when all spirits, which were under the final judgment were changed to construction spirits, because the final judgment did for spirits a purification, so that deceased spirit entities there would not be among other any longer. So was achieved a much cleaner world’s activity on the level of the spiritual world.

You are in the widest scale making from yourselves victims for each other by being in the world very wrongful to other human entities as well. Because no one has been judged in the final judgment with injustice, was it in accordance with what they deserved, to vanish from straining other entities with their own lacks, which they had more than any other human.

In the final judgment the spirits of all were taken to the hall of judgment, where to them was told their achievements with true meanings, from which dues this matter, that the ones judged with the final judgment wanted to become lost, because their life would have been so pathetic in relation to the lives of others, that they did not last this continual presence of enviousness in their lives, so they decided to disappear accepted by everyone, and so the spiritual world let their consistence to destroy itself. Such consistencies form from small neutrino entities, which remained to exist, but the spirit entity vanishes then finally, and cannot anymore function.

 The situation of the final judgment on this day II

From all the destroyed entities of the final judgment there is also on a recorder a virtual entity, which compares a real entity a bit less, but although the features of the lost souls are available from such a virtual appliance.

You are all under the final judgment, but for everyone such event will not come at all for the part of one’s own spirit, because on a very high level all humans are not deceased spirits. You are good for your humans only at times, which causes cursed parts, which repairing does not always succeed. So, there will come in the end also inoperative spirits, which have been too bad to other humans, and such can not be upheld in the spiritual world either more finally either.

The spiritual worlds are created, so that humans would learn to get along together as well in our world, if this will not take place, the spiritual world has to develop punishments to the ones who have done injustice and finally destroy such, whose appearance does not please anyone any longer, but is completely inoperative in relation to everything else than injustice.

The situation of the final judgment on this day III

You are good for beggars as well at times, but others are completely twisted, and are not willing for repairment measures, but want themselves finally to become destroyed while been perfectly wrongful. No one can help such spirits of humans if they are not able to change this situation of theirs themselves. All humans have been, on a very high level before the beginning of this decade, removed from your truer world, which was for the Creator as well a very great scale process. For all was created a new universe, where one lives today. So, one could create a new beginning for all the souls of humans, which were created during this process.

The new beginning means that we have restarted all the time of the world. From nowhere you cannot find this knowledge, but you can statistically observe that matters have changed in an unexplained manner. The new beginning brings also the end closer, from which dues that the entities of outer space are more interested about termination in relation to your planet Earth. In the outer space this change caused lightening up of a war, which endangers also your situation there in our world.

No one finds from anyone more activity than what one finds from the Creator. Due to which the Creator’s activity is concealed in this new world of yours. From nowhere you can find knowledge about the outer space either, but you are loved by all in your spiritual world.

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