The real situation of Demiurge I


Demiurge has as a Creator god a special situation because he is held as a different spirit entity than the true Creator. Demiurge is one and the same as the Creator, whom can be evil as well. This dues from the difficult thinking of people of earlier times, that the Creator would not be able to be as a human or as completely wrongful as well. This injustice is very advancing, and in earlier times one did not depict injustice so precisely, that one would understand intentions to have more meaning than the event itself. So can also the Creator act wrongfully in our world, but although by holding his nature of a saint.

Demiurge is very unscrupulous thought of humans, when they imagine the world to be an unscrupulous place, where one cannot like or be there in peace from other humans. Gnostics strived so to mock the Creator, as if being better to humans than what he is, this zealotry and hypocrisy go hand in hand, and it is very difficult to hold these features as sacred. Imbecile humans might support such thoughts, but never you cannot reach the level of the activity of the Creator by making yourselves better than something.

Into the Creator’s activity belongs that all are equal. Without the system of sanctity, you will not get along with each other yet neither, because all are so full of own injustices, that for no one there will not come as accepted by the occultists either better activity than the activity of the system of sanctity is.

The real situation of Demiurge II

From Demiurge did not come a meaningful religion, because its practitioners were wrong in so many matters. They were seduced only by the thinking distorted by the Creator, in which they did not experience soulful activity, but were slaves to their side persons. This was observed from them already in earlier times, that they did not accomplish themselves on all sides in their perfect life by noticing all other humans, but sacrifices were for them on the level of sacrificing themselves, and they did not understand that such sacrificing oneself did not function for the benefit of anyone. The self-sacrificing of Jesus was an exceptional situation and not appropriate to repeat. So was given birth a meaningful religion, in which the God’s son Jesus one learns to know and to understand also his Divine origin.

Jesus has been starting the humanity for all humans, so he is so to say the most prime human spirit, which has been created in the beginning of ages. Such activity of humans is very wrongful, so Jesus has experienced this the most. He is also so experienced, that for him has been created a new religion a religion named the religions’ religion of the first human, which compares also Christianity. Only in this Christianity Jesus is a servant of God, but truly Jesus is also an earlier entity from the divinity. So, Jesus has the furthest developed experience from life, with the help from which he is able to accomplish his own religion without others noticing this, because in it are Jesus’ thoughts as concealed in accordance with the Creator in action. Into this religion belongs the least wrongful life, and these cannot be told more, while the religion is concealed.  

In our religions of the Creator, we are perfectly wrongful as well, when in the Creator’s religions there is not any possibility closed off on the level of action. Only cursing oneself without repairing this is against the religion of the Creator. Demiurge as well is a curiosity accepted by the Creator’s religion, but this one has not been able to exercise very well when it did not gain enough support to survive over the course of time.

The real situation of Demiurge III

Demiurge had good features, but he was wrongful also in the opinion of the Creator, because good matters are not without injustice in any form, and perfect goodness there is not even existing. More perfectly one can be only in before defined ways, and natural perfectness there is not even existing. All did very wrongful matters, from which no one is completely knowledgeable of, so that injustice would not take place.

Also, Demiurge had wrongfulness in very great proportions in the opinion of all the wrongful humans. Demiurge accomplishes wrongful system, in the imaginings of humans. Although this has been created by one and only Creator, who has nothing to do with the features of the Demiurge. Only injustice has made such additional creator possible.

All should notice that there are two levels, physical and spiritual, and these support each other and are not separated else than in the humans’ worldly imaginings. Also, Demiurge was such product of worldly humans, and he did not have even body, which indicates Demiurge to be completely questionably invented.

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