The planet Venus

For Venus there was very difficult during the planet Earth, when planet Venus was existing in the spiritual world. The activity of Venus did from everything very wrongful. Venus is very neptuloid like, so it repairs its injustice by easing matters. All the entities of Venus function very wrongfully in accordance with Venus.

The planet Venus is as all covering more wrongful than many other planets. Because its climate is so utopistic, due to the greenhouse effect, which is very meaningful. So the planet Venus is in the view of everyone as a blue perfectness, it is so like the most foggy planet of ours from its size nearby the third planet of the Sun. Its meaning is very great, because it also shows to our planet Earth very well as well. All of its meanings are very great.

The planet Venus accomplishes also the opposing of satanists, while it being the main activity of the blueish, the blueish are like planet Venus, so it is hard from the inside and from its surface chaotically pressurized and with the help of the sun hot as a furnace. Such is for the blueish an all covering hot planet, which upholds all the emotional world of the blueish also on planet Earth.

From Venus is being talked about as the morning star, which depicts the paganistic thinking of planet Earth, that Venus is now a star, because it looks so similar. These stories are also invented by druids, and don’t include orthodox knowledge about Venus of the level of the spiritual world. Truly the blueish need their own planet as well, as a spirit into the spiritual world, which swells emotions into their activity.

The blueish are a certain entity type of the spiritual world, which also Venus is artificially. Venus is so some planet somewhere in the spiritual world as our human. All of its functions are very wrongful, and it functions in this moment in Hell, while being so catastrophical as a spirit entity.

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