The planet Jupiter


The planet Jupiter has very great proportions everywhere in your world. This is a very old feature, that Jupiter is as a gas planet doing its protection work for all the inhabitants of the planet Earth. This safeguarding takes place with the help of the spiritual world, that one greater planet as well protects smaller ones.

Your planets have very much meaning in the lives of humans, because all planets are in the spiritual world as spirits of humans, who can live also on planet Earth. So the humans of planet Earth are at times our planets.

In relation to Jupiter there was very far-reaching plans for all the small humans of the world. Because Jupiter has the greatest consciousness of all on the level of materials, is Jupiter able to do all kinds of injustice as well unnoticed by us. Jupiter had very wrongful activity in our earlier times as well, on this day it is slightly less in action due to cursed parts. Because Jupiter had very wrongful functions, isn’t Jupiter always able into a life of a human due to the activity of the spiritual world, but it is as a puppet of the outsiders in our activity of the world.

Jupiter is so a very great planet, which compares all the other planets in outer space as well. So Jupiter can defend also from the attacks from the planets of the solar systems of the outer space, so if into the spiritual world emerges giant planets of other solar system, can Jupiter after noticing make an ending from the activity of such planets, while Jupiter understands these to be as evildoers.

At its most loyal Jupiter is as a friend of everyone, although being very terrifying as a spirit entity.

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