The next great religion I

The next great religion has already been started in our systems of the Creator. It depicts our functions of modern times, where we are very wrongful a bit less than how we’ve been in earlier times. This great religion spreads in the Internet world, where it smolders followers on this day as well. The name of the next great religion is affecting into the consciousness, when its name is concealed information.

We are slightly more detailed on this day of ours than we were in earlier times. This new religion comes to do very far-reaching changes also into the situation of modern days. So we are at our most miserable on this day of ours while thinking of the future.

You are slightly aware of the Creator’s activity on your planet Earth. Because you can’t do anything other either, we can come with into your life with the help from religion. The wrongful measures of all the problems did also in our religions wrongful activity. All are slightly on a high level very capable.

The next great religion II

During the new great religion you are very wrongful everywhere. This dues from that all the injustices of entities are very fra-reachingly with in the Creator’s plans to make the planet Earth the most meaningful planet of the universe. This can be slightly outrageous while thinking of the today’s planet, which is the home planet of the Valar.

Also the functioning of the new religion in later times is very wrongful activity also with the eyes of the Creator. This is such a matter, into which one can’t do anything, because the meaningful planets are always more wrongful than the less meaningful planets. The new religion makes from our world the most meaningful, because the Creator as well is here with in our functions.

You are very meaningful as inhabitants of planet Earth, from which dues slightly matters to be studied for all. Your studying has very wrongfully started with the help from different kinds of writings.

The next great religion III

With the help from the next great religion you acted slightly more wrongfully. Into the religions you will gain slightly clarity with the help from this new religion. All lived more wrongfully in modern times than what the situation is today. Because you are, with the help from a new religion, less wrongful, there will come new possibilities for you from the part of this decreasing of injustice. Because your religion is so introverted, it is, with the help of the new religion, possible to do miracles as well to some extent, as long as your system accepts also the making of miracles.

The functioning of also your new religion is better than in your present day situation the situation of today is. In the new religion you’ll do slightly peculiar thoughts in relation with everything, so that you could accomplish also the all covering activity of your system. Your new religion compares final religion, in which as the main concept is the functioning of the new religion for your humans, which doesn’t get accomplished with your present day religions else than to some extent.

In your new religion all consciousness is strived to be held in control, and unconscious matters there shouldn’t exist for our humans either. All the functions of the new religion as well compare also the Creator’s functions better than how the humans of modern times experience the matter to be. In your new religion there is very wrongful activity as well, but it as well is strived to be accomplished without that the consciousness in relation to everything would decrease.

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