The meaning of demons I

The meaning of demons is slightly more far away information than you can even imagine. Demons are a so old phenomenon and as activated during every age. Into the meaning of demons connects to be very wrongful for humans. This is due to that in demons there are very wrongful parts, which don’t feel meaningful by the humans of the world.

Demons had very wrongful activity according to religions, on the other hand in our eyes this activity is very wrongful more purposely. Because the Creator hasn’t liked from the human while him living also on planet Earth, there comes punishments for the human when life ends, in an area of the spiritual world. All the injustices of humans are accomplished with demons on the contrary than what the humans had done while being in the world.

Everywhere was very wrongful, from which also demons accomplished very wrongful plans to make everything worse. Such is allowed from demons, because they have so wrongfulness breaking plans, that they will be the rules of the world in slightly later times. Such ruling of the world will take place when everything is as renewed.

Demons were very far-reachingly within the Creator’s plans to accomplish as all covering both the opposition of angels and acting in the punishments of the activity of humans. Demons were very generous also as humans, because they live also in the world in human body, where lives so a demonic spirit entity. Such are although quite ordinary humans, while also the demons are very human like entities.

From the birth of demons one can say that much, that they are being given birth from lives, which humans live in the world especially. Then a demon lives on the side in relation to the life of a human in a dimension. Demons had very great injustice with them, but this concerns only the humans of the world, to others they aren’t very wrongful.

The meaning of demons II

In demons there was also good meanings. They have all covering consciousness about God. The religion of demons is very satanically functioning religion. This doesn’t although necessarily mean satanism. Demons believe into their own gods, who are most often outsiders. These divinities have in their use punishment measures, with which they can do work that compares our criminal activity.

All our entities don’t know the meaning of demons. Essentially especially on this day, because demons act in accordance with the system of the spiritual world, unlike the world’s humans on this day act.

In our demons was very much more mistaken activity as well, which was due to satanically functioning demons. As minions of Satan they became slightly problematic. This is due to Creator’s deal with the more satanic demons, when they can do harm to humans into the world as well. Such is very necessary to accomplish free will as well, that others can, in accordance with possibilities, act by doing injustice.

Also the Creator acts as a guiding factor of demons. That is why we are slightly more dissatisfied with the Creator, because he is usually more in accordance with Heaven. From which dues that in our religions one holds badness as more problematic than wrongful goodness. This requires slightly mysterious thinking, that one would understand the disadvantages of wrongful goodness.

The meaning of demons III

Demons were specially wrongful. This is due to the all covering activity of demons in relation to humans. From demons one is not allowed to talk more, because all were very wrongful to demons, when demons can accomplish punishments always when the wrongfulness of humans is accomplished due to the wrongfulness of humans.

Wrongful things became punished with demons, when no one hasn’t got cover from the punishments of demons. This takes place with the knowledge of the spiritual world, when no one can avoid from demons and punishments, when the spiritual world acts so.

In our demons there is a good meaning for all our entities. Because we haven’t been able to accomplish anyone’s earlier done injustices, before the ending of life. When life ends we force the spirit of a human into the area of demons and let to him happen whatever the demons see as the best to do to the cursed entity. Such humans are very often cursed, due to which they are to be punished with the appliances of demons. High level injustices are repaired while living in the world, but ordinary cursed parts are repaired when demons do their evil work.

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