The meaning of angels I

The meaning of angels was very dangerous information due to Creator’s deals. Then all angels were very wrongful to those knowing from them. Into the deals of the angels belongs to do good for the ones without injustice as a reward for their good deeds. Angels lived also in the world, where angels act as humans healing everything, because angels most often acted successfully. This concerns all angel types. The matters of our angels concerned the church slightly less, because it would require religiosity from angels, which doesn’t always hold good, that angels would be especially religious.

Angels were everyone’s friends also in true life. Angels were very wrongful to humans less than was even imagined. Angels did very high level writings, from which some have remained also as information of the world. Angels’ all covering activity does angels accomplishers of a very wrongful plan.

Speaking about angels is very wrongful, because the activity of angels should be more secret than it is with the help from religions. Angels so do very wrongful measures, from which shouldn’t come information always for the humans of the world, this being slightly more wrongful.

Meaning of angels II

For our angels there was very high level information from your earlier times as well. All problems came forth not until in later times, because angels are eternal spirit entities. The activity of our angels was very peculiar, because our angels had very far-reaching plan just in case as well. Because our angels had very wrongful activity in our earlier time as well, was the activity of angels very difficult to even imagine by others.

All the functions of our angels were as very far-reaching thought out. Angels were in very great proportions accomplishing also the plans of the Creator, but also other makers’. Angels worshiped usually the divinity, who has the best information of all.

Angels were very wrongful for the humans of the world. Their religion accomplishes the punishment of all the wrongful in the world, because in the world of angels one punishes with the help from the world, when angels as well have to live in the world due to punishments, which is a great disgrace according to the Heaven’s religion. This doesn’t although concern angels, who want to also live in the world as humans. These angels are the greatest part from our angels, who live in the world in additions to that they are angels.

Meaning of angels III

Our angels were very skilled entities, who had from one part a perfect thinking. With this loup thought angels are the most meaningful entities also in relation to numbers. Because angels are in the world from the immortal entities the most. Angels are very different in relation to each other although at times due to angel types.

The entities of our angels are as far-reaching very wrongful, when angels can do far-reaching plans to remove injustices from our world as well. From angels it is very wrongful to say almost anything essential, because angels are more sacred than what you have even imagined. For the angels is the personality important as well, because angels have very high level functions, which one has to hold as own accomplishments of the angel, because for the angels it is important to do alone their functions better.

Because angels had very wrongful activity, so angels are able to do wrongful work as fallen angels especially. Fallen angels have a function opposing the Creator as initiated, but as immortal also angels always finally turn to the side of the Creator. So angels as well gain variety in the acting with the Creator.

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