Date: 23.05.2013

We are very wrongful in the spiritual world to all the entities of the world, but also the entities of the world are especially very wrongful entities. The injustices of all our entities function very harmfully for everyone.

Our entities have injustice with them, because the Creator is wrongful. The injustices of all the wrongful entities are in greater proportions in relation to all injustice than the less wrongful entities’. Every entity, although has injustice with them very far in the same manner as others.

Entities function in accordance with the least injustice. All entities are very wrongful from their own will finally. No one is wrongful against their own will except at times, but this doesn’t concern the spirit entity, because spirit entities can’t even act against their own will.

Everywhere our entities strive to do injustice to very meaningful entities as well. Our entities functioned like so very wrongfully, so that everyone would be finally very wrongful. Our entities have very harmful thoughts to other entities while doing injustice. The injustices of everyone function so very harmfully.

The wrongful thoughts of our entities come true always in some place, and so not even thinking is in itself an activity without injustice. The thoughts of all the wrongful entities function in a very wrongful manner as everywhere spreading flood of wrongful thoughts. Opposing such is very harmful, when the thoughts of the wrongful entities come true always in some place in our dimensions. No one can so afford to think wrongfully, even if one wouldn’t do injustice as visual activity.

Our entities are very rational at their best, when visual injustice functions very harmfully in the opinion of entities as well. Our entities function so in accordance with the least injustice while being rational. The injustices of all our entities come true to the entities themselves through punishments, in which the wrongful are being punished due to the reasons caused by their activity.

The punishments of all our entities are as a phenomenon such, that the injustices of everyone break some entity, when entity has to gain a just punishment from its wrongful activities. This takes place as all covering punishment phenomenon organized by the spiritual world. This takes place always not until spirit entity has suffered oblivion. Then only can a punishment become possible, when not even the spirit entity remembers any longer the wrongful situation, in which the spirit entity did injustice.

The functions of all the entities become wrongful, because everywhere there is very wrongful activity. The wrongful functions of everyone are very difficult for everyone, so our entities have to make the Creator’s deal, if they want to do injustice by advancing still the functions of the universe. Plain injustice one can’t do in any way, because the spiritual world has to always accept all the things, which are taking place in the world or in a dimension.

This system has been built very far, in which all the functions are under control. So nowhere takes place activity outside the functions of the system. All our functions are so very advancing thoroughly. Entities are very wrongful for our entities from their own will, but although the functions of all our entities aren’t from their own will more wrongful than was imagined.

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