The Importance of religions I


Our religions have very great meanings in the spiritual world because it depicts the experience of humans, while being in the world, from the activity of the spiritual world. Everywhere the activity of the spiritual world is very great scale, and religions are not in any way greater than the spiritual world is. All functions in our religions are very meaningful in our spiritual world. On the other hand, nothing you can do while the spiritual world is in action. All the spiritual worlds are in your dimension as well very meaningful. From nowhere you can find better ideas into the activity of the spiritual world, because all is so finalized, that no one can repair such into better, except the Creator and the Creator’s appliance.

The Creator has lots of religious information, which he publishes always when he can get to the mood. No one is aware of the Creator’s meaning except the Creator himself. Our consciousness either does not reach the Creator’s activity, but it advances faster than our consciousness. With our Wheel of time the Creator does very many matters in our present day because he recognizes him in his physical appearance. So, the Creator’s deals become into view for everyone when the Creator becomes conscious more than other humans become conscious of this. The occultists either do not recognize always physical and spiritual connections very attentively. So, the Creator learns everything first, although such does not happen always.

With your religions there are very great meanings from their proportions, because religion is as a support of humans in the matters of the world, for them to understand the spiritual world at the same time when they act in the world. Religions function in very different ways because they have to be in accordance with culture. The meaningfulness of the religions comes forth, when one starts to do activity against religion, and so is born also naturally opposition to such activity.

The importance of religions II

In our religions there is the Creator’s activity as explained in very many points. So, with our religions one accomplishes all covering activity more in accordance with the spiritual world. In accordance with the spiritual world you can’t accomplish in your religions either all great and possible activity while this being done against the spiritual world. From everywhere there came all covering activity for your religions, but all historical measures do not always suit for the modern society.

From nowhere you have found on the level of your religions anything higher activity to decrease the suffering of your religions. In our religions one did much injustice as well to spread those matters, which is very worsening activity. You are not able to accomplish with your religions almost anything in modern times, because rationality and religiosity are opposites of each other. Nothing more rational activity you do not find in any form except the meanings of the spiritual world of the religions, if you could evaluate these in your modern system, would all have matters better than how they in today often are.

We have noticed, also the Creator to act religiously, although he would not be living intentionally in accordance with any religion. All our religions function very rarely and more beneficially than high level writings either, not counting the religious writings.

The importance of religions III

In our religions one did much injustice in earlier times, because the world as well was so violent, was the religion in accordance with it as well in its visible activity, because cultures are more meaningful than religions and religions have to be always be subordinates of cultures. So, we make the most of our religions, to accomplish our all covering system.

In our religions one did much injustice in earlier times, because in the world as well one needed more wrongful activity. In our religions one was very peculiar, because for everyone there came also activity in accordance with Jesus as well, this being earlier completely odd as an activity. Jesus’ influences have been very widespread, which influences into everything in very great proportions.

Everywhere one was in very great proportion making from the final judgment all covering activity. So, in our final judgment one could accomplish all needed functions for us to remove deceased spirits. From this did due also the suppressing of the spiritual world from the consciousness of humans, so that no one could influence into the matters of the final judgment.

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