Date: 20.8.2013

Prophets have always been within the activity, because the world needs information of the spiritual world to act more orthodoxly. The entire information of the spiritual world is very loose for thoughts, when with the information of the spiritual world one achieves also miracles, because it is final information. When compared with the systems of the world it is more final than was even imagined. The functions of all the systems were in earlier times made by prophets on a very high level. The Creator was as a prophet always at times, but always even the prophets didn’t function in a right way.

The true activity of the prophets means writing writings and prophesying from upcoming times. The prophets acted very wrongfully, because they have a very wrongful functioning. All the activity of the prophets is more wrongful than was even imagined. All the prophets do their good work in accordance with the functions of the prophets by helping the world’s humans to get along better with the spiritual world.

The activity of all the prophets is very wrongful, because no one is without injustice. The prophets functioned in accordance with injustice, because the spiritual world guides their functions, when all the injustice comes with the help from the spiritual world visible to humans. The prophets so enlighten the activity of the spiritual world to the suppressed humans of the world. Our entities of the spiritual world have lots to do with the prophets, because they want the prophets to become inspired from these entities of the spiritual world, which aren’t always given access to come into the world.

The prophets are always wrongful to the entities of the spiritual world, because they choose in which way they function in relation to certain matters, from which there isn’t information in the world. So the prophets influence themselves into matters by making choices in relation to the matter to be published. The injustices of the prophets are very far reaching, when injustice comes forward after the prophets quite surely. All our entities functioned in a very different way than the prophets, because prophesying is possible only for very developed entities. The prophets have to be very aware of the surrounding world on a personal level.

All our prophets functioned very wrongfully for other prophets as well. The perfect written matters of all our prophets are at times contrary and so different kinds of selection possibilities are given birth, which information is right. Many choose in a different way, what they hold as the right choice. The entities of all our prophets functioned so that everywhere there is very wrongful activity by the helpers of the prophets. Everything is so very wrongful.

Our prophets are very wrongful for small humans as well, because they have never got very precise information to advance the world’s matters. All our prophets are so very impractical and often oppose the activity of the world’s humans. No one is well functioning, because everywhere one acted very harmfully also by our prophets.

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