Date: 3.6.2013


The functions of all our systems are more wrongful than was even imagined. Our systems are very far the systems of the Creator. The injustices of all our entities are ended in the Creator’s system to a greater length. The Creator’s systems function with very far-reaching and high level magic.

The injustices of all our entities came true as acts of injustice in accordance with the Creator’s system. Our entities are although less wrongful than what the Creator’s system is accustomed to. In the systems of earlier times there has been so much more injustice still short time ago as well, that the Creator’s systems last no matter what.

Our entities have a good occult meaning in relation to everything very often. Everywhere the occult meaning shows so, that entities are oddly intelligent, and the intelligence isn’t although just visible intelligence, but hidden on the level of the entity’s spirit entity. The injustices of all our entities are very twisted from the activity of the Creator’s systems.


Everywhere the functions of the Creator’s systems functioned very wrongfully, because everything is so wrongful. Our wrongful entities cause this injustice very much. Everywhere, there is although injustice even by the Creator. All our entities functioned very wrongfully, in relation to everything.

In our functions of the Creator’s systems, there was very wrongful activity by the entities of outer space in our modern times.  This kind of activity is very far-reaching more wrongful than we can even imagine. The functions of all our entities became more cursed than we can even imagine.

The functions of all our entities are being guided by the Creator’s system very truly. No one isn’t so outside our control, but everyone is in our control. Our entities of outer space functioned very wrongfully by breaking the Creator’s functions like other humans’ as well. All our entities are very wrongful entities, which deserve although to become badly treated at times due to their earlier injustices. Our entities are very wrongful everywhere, where there are our entities. The Creator’s systems functioned also everywhere, so their functions govern everything, also the wrongful matters.


The functions of the Creator’s systems are very wrongful to all our entities. In the Creator’s systems, the injustices of all our entities functioned although by advancing our matters everywhere. The activity of all our entities corresponds to the Creator slightly worse than was even imagined, because everyone is slightly inexpert in relation to the Creator. The Creator’s deals end to this day, because the Creator has slightly more wrongful thoughts than other humans. The ending of the agreements doesn’t although change anything, because the Creator is the most meaningful entity, which doesn’t have use for agreements in relation to himself.

The ending of all the Creator’s deals is more wrongful from the spiritual world, and from the physical world than we can even imagine, because such is activity, which is against the systems of the Creator, if the deals were  ended from the Creator. All the Creator’s entities can’t so end their agreements to the Creator, because the Creator is wrongful like are all the others.

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