Published 17.7.2016
The end of the world begins then, when Jesus comes back on the earth. In our ending of the world there is a very great meaning for the universe as well, because all had to make themselves laugh more finally with the destruction of nature. All the entities of nature had to do all matters so, that everywhere there had to be natural activity, so that no one would live in unnaturalness on our planet Earth.

Our state of nature is very far-reaching very wrongful, so that no one in our nature wouldn’t know the amount of the acts of injustice of humans, before all starts to be used up. In the ending phase nature starts to have symptoms due to the activity of humans. Everywhere there will be insect pests and destroyers of the food of humans. Neither medically we aren’t safe from nature, while it develops more and more efficient illnesses suitable for killing of humans.

The world’s ending is a very twisted situation, where there aren’t any possibilities to do anything more spiritual on planet Earth, when we have to remake planet Earth, but although before it can become created again, it has to be destroyed from its surface entities. Such is very literally catastrophic for the rest of its inhabitants. The surface features will also become modified to some extent. Which causes to the surface features slightly changes so, that everywhere there are matters influencing to the surface features, with the help from which one can modify the surface features to become slightly renewed. Into the surface features will come changes in the processing with the bombings of the entities of outer space, where one can explode great holes into planet Earth, on the other hand such are more rarely used.

The ending of the world is including very wrongful activity. Without wrongful activity we couldn’t do from the world more meaningful. The ending of the world is in front of you then, when you have done also your last acts so that no one can do anymore measures that aren’t in accordance with harmful injustice. We don’t so want more wrongfulness in our events for humans, when we strive to always into the least wrongful activity for our humans. Sometimes this will take place, that the amount of injustice has to be changed more finally from the part of the world, which can mean such a matter like a world war or more better said a war of the worlds.

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