Date: 02.05.2013

In the Creator’s system, one acted very wrongfully in earlier times, when the Creator was terribly wrongful. All the earlier times are very terrible to watch with the eyes of outsiders. Wrongful entities lived in the Creator’s system, in which one could do injustice to other entities always at times. Terrifyingly wrongfully functioning Creator’s systems are suppressed information in modern times.

All the entities of outer space functioned very far in the Creator’s system. Our entities of outer space have so very much to do with the Creator’s system. Our systems of the Creator have a very far-reaching functioning. In our systems of the Creator, all the injustices came true when the Creator was wrongful. This kind of injustice from the Creator was including very wrongful activity, but although concerning advancement it was more important than was even imagined.

Our entities of the Creator have lots of injustice with them. Also the Creator is very wrongful, but he has meant it as advancement. All the Creator’s injustices are very cursed due to the injustice of the Creator. The Creator has although with him, a good thought for everyone, when he strives to be less wrongful for his entities.

Everywhere in the Creator’s systems there is so cursed activity, that everywhere there are Creator’s wrongful entities. Everywhere in the Creator’s systems the entities of the Creator do injustice to advance everything. The Creator acts although more self-consciously than how the Creator’s entities acted. The Creator has injustice with him a lot, because he is the most influential human of the universe. Everywhere the Creator’s injustices came true in modern times, when the Creator has done injustice to himself as well.

Our Creator has a good feeling always at times, which helps other entities to feel good. The Creator’s activity spreads with the magic of the spiritual world into other humans, when all are allowed to feel the presence of the Creator, where humans act better and also feel better.

Our Creator has very wrongful functions, with which he strives to get along completely. He so doesn’t usually ask help from the spiritual world, although he’d need it. The spiritual world helps him although always when necessary. Our entities of the spiritual world are very twisted from the Creator, when everywhere there are entities of the spiritual world thinking of matters to develop them.

The entities of the spiritual world are very wrongful entities, who act very twistedly to do injustice. The injustices of all the entities will always become repaired with punishments, when the entities of the spiritual world experience these punishments in a similar way as the entities of the world. Our entities of the spiritual world have very wrongful activity with them.

Everywhere in the consciousnesses of our entities there are wrongful events from earlier times, which they ponder the rest of their life also at times. In the consciousnesses of everyone, there are so acts done by very wrongful entities, whose pondering might cause disturbances into the functions of entities. The horrorising and pondering of the acts of earlier times, is although most often useful activity, so that the entities would feel sensations of justice.

The injustices of all our entities are very twisted from all the magics of the Creator. So that we could do research work in relation to the entities of the Creator in the Creator’s system, they have to be exercising permissible activity. All the unauthorized functions are classified as harmful in the Creator’s systems, when researching them is in vain in relation to the development of the functions.

The functions of all the entities of the Creator are very wrongful, because the Creator has made those more wrongful from many other matters. The functions of all our entities are created by the Creator, when the Creator has organized very wrongful functions for all our entities. All our entities have activity on the level of the Creator to a lesser extent.

Our entities everywhere function in the Creator’s system. Our entities have very wrongful agreements, because the entities of the Creator functioned everywhere in our universes wrongfully. Everywhere in our universes one acted wrongfully, because everywhere the Creator’s deals give a possibility for wrongdoing. Acts of injustice have very far-reaching effects, when the wrongdoing causes changes into the future in very vast proportions.

Our wrongdoers are in our systems of the Creator very wrongful. With injustice, one has achieved also advancement, but finally injustice is harmful for true activity. Our wrongdoers had very wrongful activity in every way, because the Creator’s deals comprehend lots of matters, which have to be enforced with the wrongdoers.

In our systems of the Creator are all the wrongdoers hated very little, although humans usually learn to hate the wrongdoers. All our wrongdoers have very wrongful agreements to do their works, when all that takes place by our wrongdoers, is activity accepted by the Creator’s systems. For all our entities, injustice is more wrongful than has even been imagined.

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