Date: 30.04.2013

Everywhere the Creator’s deals are more foolish than we can even imagine in the opinion of the world’s humans. The Creator’s deals have although the most advancing effect. With the help from the Creator’s deals, one can do miracles and all kinds of special activity of the spiritual world. The Creator’s deals are so very useful.

With the help from the Creator’s deals, one can do writings. Everywhere the Creator’s deals function excellently. With the help from the Creator’s deals, there is less injustice everywhere, when no one is holier than the other according to the Creator’s deals. Everywhere the Creator’s deals are more wrongful than we can even imagine.

The Creator’s deals can be done so, that the Creator accepts the activity from entities, when the Creator doesn’t make difficulties for the one who made an agreement. Into the Creator’s deals belongs the accepting of the Creator’s wrongful activity as well, because the Creator doesn’t want to do injustice, although from injustice, we can’t get rid of completely. All the deals are for the Creator more wrongful than was even imagined.

The Creator’s deals have a very advancing effect for the functions of entities, because the entities gain with the Creator’s deals possibilities to act both in the world and in the spiritual world, without that their activity would be made more difficult. Activity is made more difficult by the Creator’s systems, if the activity of an entity isn’t accepted by the system wholly.

The functions of all our entities compare the Creator’s deals, because one needs permission from the spiritual world for everything. All functions are so functioning under a license, and the Creator’s deals are as a giver of the license. It is so in relation to all our functions that the Creator’s deals function very completely also outside the consciousness of entities.

With the help from the Creator’s deals, one has done lots of injustice; because nothing takes place without that the spiritual world would accept the activity. The Creator’s deals are as such a permission giving quarter for all the most wrongful activity as well. The functions of the permission giving quarter are occult meaningful, when all the injustice according to our knowledge is punishable. No one is outside punishment, but the deeds of everyone will become punished, also the Creator’s.

The permission givers are the systems of the spiritual world for all entities. With the permissions can lots of things be done, which couldn’t be done otherwise. With our permissions, there are very far-reaching consequences, when anyone can’t do a thing without permission. The gaining of permission of all our entities depends a lot from the entity itself, because with the permission, there is so much meaning from the part of development. The functions of our permissions are thought as very far reaching, when they seem very dangerous while thinking short termly. With our permissions, there are so terrible consequences short termly at times, but as far reaching our permissions have an advancing effect although.

The functions of all our entities are very cursed from permissions, which other entities have gained. The functions of our permissions are very terrible to watch. Our permissions are so permissions of the Creator for functions, when the Creator’s permission can’t be undone in any way. All the functions are advancing in the permission thinking, when all our entities have wrongful possibilities to act with the help from the permissions. Such has taken place also in our history that with the help from permissions, one achieves revolutionary events, which have although advanced some matters in the end.

Our permissions function as very controlled, so they have to take place perfectly, so that one would gain the permission established. The entity has to do lots of functions, before one gains the permission in use. Acting with the help from the permission takes place so, that entities cause events, so that the entity would finally gain permission for his activity. For everything one needs permission from the spiritual world finally, because the spiritual world holds the reins tightly in its control in relation to all the functions.

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