The consistency of the universe world


The universe world consists from small entities, which in the spiritual world are called as neutrino entities. These neutrinos aren’t the same as the neutrinos named by the ones in the humans’ world. From everywhere came very many explanations connecting to the matters of the universe observed by you.

Everywhere one did much all kinds of mishap as well, when the universe world handles all as problematic towards itself, if this mishap has been done with injustice in mind. All the entities of the universe world are very wrongful also originally. You aren’t able, with the Creator’s deal either, to humiliate each other, unless you will be on some day yourselves as a creator in your own universe world. Such is so only possible for the Creator, to humiliate justly. You are very wrongful so, that no one would humiliate in accordance with this writing, because revenge is sweet caused by the Creator’s systems.

The Creator’s systems are very great from their scales, when sometime takes place very wrongful matters in small scale, this being although beneficial in greater scale. All wrongful entities as well are very great from their scale, while understanding all matters with their own thoughts. So we can use such more wrongful entities to perform more wrongful matters, than what others would be capable to.

From everywhere came more wrongful matters in relation to everything. Our matter is very wrongful for all who are reading this as well. So we can end this, the consistency of the universe world, topic, because from this one shouldn’t tell too much, while it being also slightly more wrongful to tell to the Creator as well.

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