Date: 23.8.2013

The common functions of entities are more wrongful than was even imagined. The functions of all entities have started to function better in a very far-reaching way in modern times than what one was able to await even by many quarters. The functions of all entities have become better, because the Creator made the Creator’s deals with all the before mentioned quarters. The Creator’s deals were made so, that everywhere one was to do activity on the level of the Creator’s deals. The Creator’s deals tricked our universe, when in our universe there is very much of all kinds of to some extent.

The activity of all the Creator’s deals is wrongfulness increasing, but this takes place in the name of advancement, when the Creator’s deals are more advancing than only wrongful. With our entities, one will act very consciously, so that there would be a good thought in our entities for other entities. Otherwise, everything falls into unconscious threats, when entities don’t function well between each other. Even all the ridiculous features of our entities are very wrongful, when nothing can be held as less wrongful than other features.

Our entities have very wrongful functions of entities, so injustice can’t be learned, but entities are of their own wrongful, and this injustice is never going to leave, because one can only develop from the part of injustice, but not learn it in any way completely away. Everywhere, there is injustice very much, so wrongfulness is very wrongful activity.

Our wrongdoers are different from other entities only partly, because everyone is at times as wrongdoers in their lives, when everyone has a same kind of need to act very wrongfully at times to other entities. This is so a phenomenon concerning everyone, which can’t be controlled in a better way than how this is today controlled with the help from the spiritual world. It’s best to minimize the possibilities for wrongdoing of humans, when no one is able to do large-scale injustice to other entities.

The functions of all our entities need functions originating from the Creator, so that they’d be able to develop more into creator likeness. This means understanding of injustice and also otherwise very developed measures. Not a single wrongful human can do any injustice outside the Creator’s systems. Then all the wrongful entities do all their injustice accepted by the Creator. No one can do anything that is not accepted, because everything is in the control of the spiritual world.

The spiritual world has to have very many measures to uphold the functions of the spiritual world of the world’s humans, so that they aren’t able to do any wrongful activity. All injustices should be so bordered according to the spiritual world. Due to all the wrongful problems, all humans are guided in a very far-reaching manner. No one can achieve anything without the activity of the spiritual world, so we are very wrongful while you are making decisions for yourselves. Also the decisions made for others are in our control.

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