Date: 29.04.2013

Everywhere in our universes one acted wrongfully also by the planet Earth, because everywhere in our universes one knows about planet Earth, because it is the Creator’s planet. On our planet Earth the meaning of the occult meaningful humans is very wrongful. The occult meaningful humans are very horrific entities, which function with more intelligent functions than what other entities are capable of.

Everywhere in our universes one acted more wrongfully than what was even imagined in the spiritual world, because everyone hasn’t understood perfectness, perfectness doesn’t so exist. Our entities have very wrongful functions everywhere in our universes, and there isn’t a single exception for this. Everywhere there is materials for everyone to utilize, but still everyone doesn’t gain a benefit from these materials, due to proprietary rights, which are in use also elsewhere than on planet Earth.

The functions of all our entities are very wrongful, when our entities have very wrongful functions. The development of our universe is slow in this way, because everyone doesn’t want to develop or develop the functions of the universe. There are many different kinds of universes, which can’t be comprehended with the thoughts of humans very well, but the Creator can comprehend these new matters for modern world. The Creator’s functions have developed in our universes with very wrongful activity, which isn’t although possible to exercise by others than by entities on the level of the Creator.

The functions of our universe are very wrongful, when everywhere in our universes one acted very wrongfully. Our universes are perfectly round constructions, which can overlap between each other, and in these universes, there are comparable entities. The universes pass the requirements given to the universes by the Creator, when wrongfulness isn’t made into the universes.

Our universes are side universes from our present universe, which function seamlessly along with our main universe. The seamless functioning means that the spiritual world can move spirit entities from one universe to another, without that the transfer is observed in almost any way. The high level functioning of the universes is very wrongful in the opinion of the wrongful, but this kind of functioning has been in action as long as there have been universes.

The entities of all the universes are very cursed due to the activity of the Creator, because the Creator frightens the rotators of the universes with very frightening threats, that their universe will become destroyed, if the entities start to see unforeseen injustice. The functions of all the universes are similar as what the functions of our present one are. Our universes are managed from the spiritual world with perfect functioning almost, when our universes are very controlled systems.

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