Date 30.11.2014

One acted in the spiritual world also on this day for everyone. The spiritual world functions always well for humans, who don’t have injustice in their features. The activity of all the wrongful entities isn’t an activity helped by the spiritual world but otherwise. The wrongful gain help, so that they could harm the ones who acted wrongfully in earlier times. Then all humans gain at times punishments, because not a single human has ever been perfectly functioning as a human.

The activity of all the wrongful entities is very harmful activity in the opinion of others. Our wrongful entities aren’t although very well within the activity as was imagined. All our entities should make the Creator’s deal, so that everywhere there would be injustice very little. The activity of all our entities continues still in later times as well, because then one is in different kind of a system than today. The systems change always when necessary, when no one can’t become destroyed due to a wrongful system. In the continuation of the lives of entities there is lots of concealed information, but although the lives of entities continue even if they wouldn’t.

The activity of the spiritual world is very ambiguously happening all covering wrongful activity, because nothing is without injustice in our spiritual world. Entities have lots of experiences from injustice in their history, which the spiritual world has caused to humans. These kinds of experiences are the most wrongful of all what humans have experienced, because the spiritual world makes from everything very difficult for one to last. These connect to the feeling of humiliation, which entities don’t last as wrongful almost at all.

Our entities have, according to the spiritual world, all covering activity, with which no one can do anything else than planned matters wanted by the spiritual world.

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