Date 30.11.2014

In our stories there is, in our systems of the Creator, reality always with on some level. In our stories one acted although very differently than what has taken place in the real world to a lesser extent. Stories are like wrongful information taking place in our future from earlier so from modern times as well. No one is within our stories with Creator’s permission but otherwise. Our stories don’t so explain earlier times very precisely, but our stories are still very generously about truth, which has taken place sometime earlier, during times from which there isn’t any more information as tradition but very little. One doesn’t achieve such information otherwise either, because our stories are very wrongfully functioning.

In our stories there is lots of wrongful activity also with the Creator’s permission. We are very wrongful while being in the spiritual world conscious about the lack of information in the world. The world’s humans don’t namely have information on the level of the Holy Scriptures but less. In the spiritual world, one acted wrongfully in relation to implementing this kind of information in relation to the world. Also with the help from all the wrong information we are very wrongful to humans on the level of the world. The world’s humans are very wrongful while being in the world, when for them have to be organized all kinds of comfortable less than were even imagined.

All our stories are with the Creator’s permission the most wrongful activity in later times from our modern times. The secret levels of all our stories are very wrongful activity. All the entities of our stories are very wrongful most often, because in our stories there is very little any activity. The entities of all our stories functioned very wrongfully. Stories are the most sacred matters, as events told about the earlier times. The events of earlier times are so sacred matters in later times, when telling about those should be done in as dignifying manner as possible.

Also our religions function on the level of the storytelling, because the Holy Scriptures are filled with religious tales, with the help from which one can study about unknown matters of the world, which connect into the activity of the spiritual world. No one who tells our stories does himself know from the events of the story, but otherwise. Everywhere in our stories one acted in accordance with perfect understanding. Stories are Holy Scriptures in any case, because our stories do their good work by bringing humans information about different kinds of events, than what they have in the world been accustomed to at the lifetime at the time of theirs. Stories do their work to our entities of the spiritual world, so that humans will understand about the world more than from their ordinary life.

In our stories there is magic of the Creator a lot with good intention. In the stories of the Creator there are lots of different kinds of viewpoints into situations between humans. The functioning of these situations is very peculiar by the ordinary humans, because they don’t understand unscrupulousness very well in modern times. Everyone should know about the dark side of humans, which everyone has possible to become activated in many situations. Such activation is very common in our stories, because in a difficult situation a human usually acts by harming other entities. Such are activity on the level of the castle lords like also wrongful vanity, from which there are lots of examples also from earlier times.

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