Date: 8.11.2013

Into the injustice of humans connects lots of occultic functions, which the spiritual world rotates continuously to humans. Injustice is in the knowledge of all the entities of the spiritual world, when no one is without injustice. Not any wrongful human does anything with his injustice else than wrongful measures. The injustices of everyone function so very badly for all humans and animals, but materials benefit from this although.

Our materials are constructed so, that they mend our problems in very great proportions. No one knows this function from our materials except our Creator in our today. So materials are very wrongful, if they are for a long period of time with same composition. Then the materials die from their spirit due to injustice, which isn’t wanted to happen. The materials are so a and o of everything.

Materials are very different spirit entities, which know from matters much more than physical entities. The functioning of all our entities is very wrongful, if no one knows how to act without injustice. No one of our entities is without injustice. Our entities do with the Creator’s deal less injustice than in other situation.

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